photo report from Thessaloniki Pride

Thessaloniki  Pride held for one more year successfully. Many of our friends in the city seem to be impressed from event itself, because every years is getting bigger and bigger. Good vibes, electronic music sounds and stylish people on the streets  I am publishing few of the brilliant pictures as well as a brief report…

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we move on

Dear friends and readers of this blog during all the years. You have probably noticed today that our layout looks rather different. We are actually into a discussion process how to reorganize the shituationist blog. It seems that will take a while, but we expect a better result in the future. Changes it means that…

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SI special #43 featuring “thnts”

We proudly present our new SI special #43 edition featuring thnts (Berlin based artist) “In Greek mythology, Thanatos was the daemon personification of death. In classical Freudian psychoanalytic theory, Thanatos represents the death drive (German: Todestrieb); the drive towards death, self-destruction and the return to the inorganic: “the hypothesis of a death instinct, the task…

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