Post scriptum to shituationism

Our text “Post scriptum”, which is about shituationism, is published in the conference proceedings of the KISMIF conference in Porto 2014. Read it in this free ebook: here, p. 261-263, or download our text as a pdf-extract.

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Sexy Kapitalismus on air! Today at 17:00 CET on FRS 99.2

I’ve noticed today that many of the people who still visit the shituationist blog are looking for updates and podcasts of Sexy Kapitalismus, that radio show by people based in Stuttgart. In fact those who know me personally got to know this radio show in Laidak (that kneipe in Boddinstrasse in Berlin) during the morning…

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Dysphemic “drum n bass mini mix 2015”

This is a new post about an old friend and follower of this blog from Melbourne. We are writing about Julian, known as Dysphemic. A talented  Australian name of dark dubstep/glitch hop and drum n bass that we featured on this blog several times in the past. If you re into this kind of style…

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game over facebook

Game Over Fͨa͕c̞eͨb̺o̐oͭk͠

Dear shituationists in the babyblue world, check out GameOver FB Ξ̿̿̿̿..ş̨̧̧̨̨̨̩̦̤̥̘̗̗̜̕̚ ᚙ, a channel at the intersection of flood art, net art, urban art, digital graffiti, de-territorializing feed art. Think Pixação meeting Glitchr meeting FB Resistance Artists. enter –HERE–

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Opening night transmediale 2015 CAPTURE ALL

The shituationist institute is back to business apparently. Currently we are enjoining hanging out with friends, remaining hard in terms of alcohol drinking and visiting various cultural events around Berlin.. Well not as many as few years ago, but we are certainly still actively interested. Next week I already made a promise to a friend,…

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Featured events: Tunnel Ensemble + Automating concierto / música experimental (Barcelona)

Our good friends Tunnel Ensemble are currently visiting Barcelona… Tunnel Ensemble + Automating concierto / música experimental Actuaciones de Tunnel Ensemble y luego de Automating en 44Perills Art Sonor, miércoles 19/11, a las 20h puntual (apertura de puertas a las 19h). 2€ socios / 3€ no socios Carrer del Perill 44, Gracia Automating Automating is…

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