urban nation advertising shepard obey fairey

Unstoppable? An image of the 2010s in Berlin

A commercial wholetrain, with an adhesive design of the urban artist Shepard ‘Obey’ Fairey, who recycles socialist movement graphics from the past for his succesful imagery. “Unstoppable”: The powerful arrogance of urban art in alliance with money. This is an advertising for a semi-private museum about urban art in Berlin: Urban Nation. The museum is…

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Between Kickstarter Communism and Queer Net Critique: Transmediale 2018 shituanalytic art review

Between all the content and all the critique and all the performativity and transmediality, between the comfort and discomfort, the noise and the tension, two experiences may serve very well to illustrate Transmediale festival 2018 in Berlin. One would be Jonathan Beller trying to recuperate the blockchain euphoria from the capitalist tech bros in the…

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Workshop this Saturday in Berlin: Reclaim your Club

This Saturday the rave scientist Lukas Fakegruber of the Shituationist Institute will hold a seminar about the emancipatory potentials of club culture: Reclaim your Club Reclaim Club Culture is a network reflecting on the conditions of hosting raves, asking how party organizers can position themselves face to face with structures of power and exploitation in…

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