global rave blog – social commentary on global dance music

adbwok to continue this zine-presentation thing a bit. here’s an interesting blog with “social commentary on global dance music”… there are some infos on the situation of goa in goa ;) for example (goa music raves in india), for those who want to spoil their image of hippie raves at the end of the world or thought that they were informed well after watching the cliche movie “last hippie standing” about goa culture. so without further ado, go to to meet a sociologists view from inside the rave. since 1990, btw, a time where i was only raving to the cassette desk in my childroom. the guy is called techno tony, but yea that’s the type of nicknames they had back in the days, you have to pardon him.. the fact that he has the hedonist international in his linklist get’s us over it. HI rocks.

4 thoughts on “global rave blog – social commentary on global dance music

  1. Thanks for featuring my blog. Never mind about my nickname – it is not intended to be liked, but to be remembered (apparently, it worked here… ;-). I hope my writings make up for that. Feel free to visit and post your comments. Cheers, TT

  2. Hi Techno Tony , thanks for your comment .. Im looking forward for your new posts at the global raver

    best regards


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