those nights in nuremberg

let, me tell you, those were parties… first of all, where is nuremberg? it’s in southern germany… and i lived there for some time. so why not give it a try and spend some weekend there, with the old crowd…

nuremberg first of all is not the nicest place to party anyways, but i was more in for the punk places and alternative culture things, so i went to “desi” on friday, definatelly the place to hang out in nuremberg, if you like all kind of alternative (real, yo ;)) hiphop culture and so on. this weekend was some parties for establishing an autonomous center, and believe me, they will make it. so i went there, drunk power mate (which is club mate, you might not know that yet, but you should try it in germany, mixed with wodka, it think you certainly know that). the music was funny, everything was chilled but some punks were falling around. usually that’s not a problem after 3 in the morning, because they get wasted anyways 😉
so hard party and soft fights until the morning…

next day we went to a nice cafe, it’s called “treibhaus”, located in the city center and extremly nice. it’s not that expensive, the have fair offers and pay their workers a pretty ok wage, so nice vibes 🙂

after a whole day in the cafe it was time to go to the next parties… so we jumped on the metro to go a bit out of the center, to the realms of “z-bau”, more specific the “kunstverein”. a nice punk rock space and one of the view anarcho places left in nuremberg. they also face danger of eviction, of course. so: “kv bleibt!”. the party also was for the remain of the kunstverein and for the establishing of an autonomous center… it was so crowded, they had to stop letting people in after some hundreds were stuffed on the dance floor… crazy… the police called and asked if there were riots to expect, but seems like that after parties like these nobody has energy for smashing things ;). ok then we moved on, had a guestlist account to pick up at a techno party in the next space, called “zoom club”, minimal techno, hey 🙂
but we couldn’t really enjoy, because there they have a strange way of playing minimal, people it’s not house music, we want to hear the beat and not only the bass…
so we went on to further parties, dj shantel with his bucovina club was in town (in the musikverein K4), and since we could get in for free there also we decided to give it a try. well, from what i saw, i would say the days of extatic dancing to balkan beats at the bucovina parties are over. was a bit boring and not much energy coming from the dj set-up. he was chatting all the time with his dancer girls and managed the music very lousy. but at least it was full, since these parties still are very hip…

so yea, some links for the places:
K4 musikverein
kunstverein bleibt and their website kunstverein

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