underground screening by the yes men in betahaus (berlin)


tonight i was at a underground film screening of the new yes men movie. the yes men are a radical prank and hoax team that want to save the world (from everything bad).

the yes men themselves showed it as part of their tour to berlin. they have their movie shown at berlinale (the international film festival that is happening right now) – and of course they did some action at the red carpet 🙂 which will be presented the next days on their website.

so that place, called betahaus, maybe will become an interesting spot. basically it’s a shared office space for “creative” workers… one more bastion of self organisation for the precarious workers. and at night they will remove their desks from time to time now to share some time with visitors, like for example this first event this evening. also part of the event was a museum of capitalism, but i think this little art exhibition didn’t take off at all. well yea, if you are located in berlin, see you there next week.

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