a short report from yesterday ” an other friday” night in Budapest .. hey I dont watch Beavis and Butters show often ok?? nether MTV

My yesterday (Friday night) in Budapest was dedicated to a new gay friend of mine who soon is going to the USA. I followed his request for hanging around a bit at the gay bar scene of Budapest. I can say that I happily surpised. We visit one of the most famous gay lounge bars of the city where a crazy party was going on.. The night there was dedicated to the persons who wanted to dress crazy. One of the most remarkable things I enjoyed was the speech to “the crowd” of a famous Hungarian trans.. Well the reason of writing these lines it is simple: I would like to belie the theory that Budapest is not “gay friendly” capital as well as encourage people with other sexual orientations  to visit the city. You will definitely find a lot of cool stuff here come on ..

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