berlin night – latin beats and punked techno

one of those berlin nights again… first i made extensive party plans that all got trashed last minute. ok, so calling everybody again and find out where the party is… but everything occured too intellectual for me on a friday night, stuff like dubstep freejazz combo parties and experimental electro jam sessions with screaming or whatever. so i went to a latin beats party, a more or less classical one, the “fiesta berlin” in the “cassiopeia”. i also was a bit too full of minimal techno that day, had worked for webdesign the whole day listening to minimal. hm the crowd was pretty young, schoolgirls dancing to pepe vargas. i was not so impressed by both, but the second floor was a bit more trashy and ok for some hours.
then i got a call to come to the afterparty of some experimental electro stuff, so i packed my things, jumped on the train and went from friedrichshain to mitte for the next party. i was hungry but not in the mood for falafel or trash pizza, so i bought some thick cocktails in a squat, met some friends.

this was the intro, and then everything went crazy. dj crack newton played some mix of in yer face drum’n’bass and progressive house (?) don’t know exactly, was like punked up techno. we were doing brutal raving with some punks, i brought a big piece of an advertisement that i had ripped outside, one artsy guy was jumping on stage, holding up the ad like a banner and grabbing his cock with other. bizare. more drinks followed. found the others outside vomiting. walked over our old car. more drinks for more drunks, strange cocktails that burn so hard that you feel sober for a second (the punks at the bar advertised it like that and it was true). yea but that lasted only for a second.

i walked between the people starting their day and felt a bit guilty with the vomit on my jacket, my eyes like dark holes. at least not so many people have a job in the area where i live, so i don’t have to feel guily for them having to work the time that i stumbled home again.

hm whatever. how was your weekend?

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