insti2te special edition underground labels presentation : JOP records


Today , I decide to support the efforts and projects related with the people I know. We start a special edition after the blog zines and radical theory magazines. A special edition about underground labels around Europe .. check the essential example of JOP records

Joint operation records Independent Electronic Music & Art JopRec is an indipendent electronic music label and artists network. JopRec is based Berlin born with the idea to breaking down terrestrial boundaries speaking the international language of electronic music and be a gateway for new talent and international electronic artists. The internationality of the structure and its innovative artists gives an incredible multicultural richness to the label. Started in 2005 publishing experimental, breakbeat, electro and minimal techno, releasing music on vinyl and cd. In the begining of 2008 JopRec started to release music also in digital format providing high-quality variable bitrate MP3’s for digital distributors and resellers. Joprec is not only music but also visual arts video animations check the website for upcoming news and releases also on myspace Joprec is open to new Experiences and Co Operations. If you are interested in some Way to Collaborate with us write a Mail to: or send your Materials to Joint Operation Records Gaertnerstr.21 10245 Berlin Germany

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