Sonica Festival Italy 2009

31st JULY – 03rd AUGUST 2009

Rome – Monte Gelato [Mazzano Romano]
Facebook: Sonica Reloaded 2009

Previously known as the Sonica Festival, Europe’s leading festival of contemporary music, art and culture returns for it’s fourth year with a renewed team under its new title [Reloaded].

This year not only sees a change its name but also a new concept and an amazing new location as it touches down at ‘Monte Gelato’, a protected site surrounded by trees, river and waterfalls set in one of Italy’s most outstanding natural areas!

Inspired by ecology, better living and renewable resources this years [Reloaded] features three massive environmentally-inspired dance floors; Solar, Lunar and Gaia featuring some of the worlds leading underground names in psychedelic, techno, progressive, electro, chill out and world music – feast your eyes on the line up.

8 thoughts on “Sonica Festival Italy 2009

  1. hello my name is smadar and i was in sonica 2005 it was amazing
    please let me know when and how can i buy the ticket .thank u and hope to rave with u sooooon

  2. hey smadar, nice to hear from you 🙂
    ok things to know are: sonica is named reloaded now, and their website, where you can buy tickets online is: (there is a button for tickets)

    seems like we (from the insti2te) will be involved in various parts of this festival, we will post some details before. see you at the rave 🙂

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