berlin: happy birthday köpi


every year the birthday of koepi is a special highlight. although this year it was a bit weird, at least for me.

just the background: koepi is a squat in berlin, last year they faced eviction, and after the autonomous scene said that they will burn down berlin if koepi gets shut down, suddenly a solution was found and now they have a contract for 30 years. 🙂

there was a whole weekend of parties sheduled, i was there on friday at the end and particularly liked the hiphop bar, the last dj was just incredible, played some more progressive stuff, and only some leftover punks were dancing in the morning. the karaoke hall was already far over the reasonable or something like that, didn’t function any more, but the people seemed to enjoy it 🙂

so i went there again on saturday, this time for some trash tekno and the big crowd that koepi always has when they celebrate their birthday. there was a big sign in the style of checkpoint charlie declaring “you are now leaving the heterosexual sector”, the party was crowded with queer/trans/gaylesbian and so on people and it was a very sexy atmosphere. i cannot really write so much about this party, it was too much movement around for me, everybody wanted to be everywhere all the time, i was too filled with vodka and everything was weird 0-). also the sound always broke down, but so you could at least have a nice talk.

so that’s it from my weekend, see you 🙂

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