internet radio stations : a dance music revolution?

The last 10 years at least , the DANCE radio stations are  amazingly  increasing in the cyber space. This factor could be only a nice surprize for ravers, tekno heads and junglers. Today we are writing few lines to encourage you start searching for the various underground internet radio stations and websites who provide links with the online radio channels. You can easily find a huge diversity of radio stations of all kinds , for instance the British has a interesting guide of happy hardcore , trance, techno even acid house and many more styles online radio.


Especially in the UK the internet radio forms  a daily situation for a lot of people  I know. The only thing you need is a partly fast internet connection and definitely your good mood. Well… and why not??  have you ever thought to start your very own radio project??? at least for me remains one of my future plans. I was always motivated to start n online radio , playing my favorite music , having a good oportunity to promote beats and ideas to the world?? check this link it might be interesting if you share the same feeling with me . If any of you re seriously interest for starting a radio project , please feel free to contact me via the email address of insti2te blog. just write on your message s subject my thoughts for an internet radio “a message to FancyPunk insti2te contributor” and I will answer as soon as I can”

other internet radio links :

2 thoughts on “internet radio stations : a dance music revolution?

  1. hey – “digitally imported” is a nice station (via 🙂 i haven’t listened to happy hardcore in a while and almost forgot how great it is :). nice post.

  2. ohh yeah .. happy hardcore is a classic value 🙂 .. I will check the radio sure … if you can suggest more internet radio stations .. please do it

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