METALHEADZ : the Drum n bass diamond from the UK

metalheadzorilogoWhen Goldie met Alex Reece  somewhere in the UK , it was possibly one of the most essential things that happened for the drum n bass crews in that time.. Goldie  was creating hardstep , Alex Reeece is the creator of the Jazzstep sound , a mix of Drum n bass with Jazz sounds. Now try to imagine and the rest of the UK drum n bass critical mass  all together. A diversity of artists and djs like DJ Storm , Photek ,  A-SIDES , Adam F , Optical , there are only some of the people who joined the METALHEADZ collective.. Who doesnt remember ,for instance, the legendary album PLATINUM BREAKZ ??the most essential collection/compilation of drum n bass of the 90s.. METALHEADZ is moving forward with new realeases always set on fire the dancefloors in the UK :)… The upcoming months , we will give a try to write some lines for every artist of METALHEADZ .. check it out ..

3 thoughts on “METALHEADZ : the Drum n bass diamond from the UK

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