dima feat. mz sunday luv – duolog

song from the bar25-09 stereologic 12″ – released: 27.10.08 – http://www.bar25.de/label
some crazyfancy berlin style techno for you. in greek 🙂 my multilangual attorney will maybe translate the text for you.

update, here are the links to the artists:
mz sunday luv

11 thoughts on “dima feat. mz sunday luv – duolog

  1. It is just perfect !! I didnt stop playing on my VLC since yesterday .. Im also in love after watching the video :)) perfect minimalistic sounds , SUPER LYRICS hahahaha and an awesome queer , sadomasochist , Berliner environment .. I would like to take an interview of them as soon as I contact them ,,, really do you have a link with their website ??


  2. cute nice video .. maybe I could make a post the upcoming days for sure .. It would be great to write something for bar25 ??? drofnothing??? what do you think ???

    sunny sandy greetings


  3. wow !!Really glad to see your answer .. Do you think is possible to have an interview ??? Currently Im not in Berlin but I am coming back soon .. … Yes I would love to have an interview for this blog .. as well as promote your work people … cheers

  4. hey sunday love never use @ but (at) try to avoid the spam

    wait for my mail the next days



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