that night in berlin city – let’s just party at home

slowly the memory of the weekend comes back ;). didn’t we go to that party in that loft? oh yea, we also have some pics…


we present: the band. name unknow, genre i-don’t-know, nothing to report.


dj table. well i get really nasty when someone tries to place their drink on MY setup-here nobody cared… but hell 😉 this was just one table as a bar, beer table and dj setup


aa polizei on the dancefloor. woot woot it’s the sound of the police.


hey mister officer, like your bullet proof west, can we take some pictures together? no not now young man, i have to kill a party.


this guy clearly needs better drugs or some big cup of sleep. those were the “good cops”, the bad cops (riotcops) usually come next… i just blurred my face out to give more attention to the face of my new party partner …


party is over, please people don’t forget your stuff. hey! that guy over there lives with you, he counts as your stuff too.

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