Miss yetti … a techno killer ..

Miss Yetti’s djing and producer actions started at 1992 in Germany’s Rheinland. Her first public appearance was at the “Orion Rave”. She was for a long time resident at the legendary UFO club . In 19miss94 Miss Yetti produced her first tracks for Liquid Records. Her techno and electro style offers the best opportunities for staying more than 10 hours in the dancefloor . In the mid-1990s, Miss Yetti rocked clubs worldwide with her tracks “La Pression Innovative” und “Les Jeux Superieurs”.

Since today Miss yetti rocks dancefloors and clubs worldwide , proving daily  her talents on the decks.. I think  a lot of you know the “hit” hedonism and digital sex or other releases who traveled and give inspiration for many many years all around the globe .. You can visit her official webpage http://www.miss-yetti.com for more .. please let me know your party experiences , if you ever had visit a DJ set of her  .. Actually I open this post for comments .. I would like to know what the people think about Miss yetti ,for this reason,  i would be really glad to see your opinions below

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