that night in berlin city – DANCE THE WEISSMUELLER

thanks to the invitation of nomad we went to a rock/disco night. yea you heard right “rock/disco” not “tek/house” this time 😀


the dj’s (florian kolmer + nomad) were really cool, playing more or less electro and rock disco sound with occasional classic or trashy pop songs. this pic came out really nice, i don’t know what’s the thing at the hand in the front, maybe it’s stage decoration, maybe it’s a bleeding hipster, maybe has something to do with the zombie in the lower right corner, i just don’t know :).


the party was in the white trash, a tourist and hipster location in berlin mitte (near rosa-luxemburg-platz). the lower floor was really nightmare, i felt like being at the oktoberfest in munich (ok actually i don’t know how it feels there since i never visited it). but ok it’s named white trash, and that’s what it was, a full floor of white trash kids dancing to white trash music.

i liked the upper floor definatelly more, there were some ravers, the dancefloor was really small, some crazy dancers did some kind of freak-peep-show on the side of the stage… haha nice 🙂


instead of the sexy dancers i took a photo of this tree… just admire this tree then and go there next time if you want to see crazy styled people in underwear.

normally i don’t take pics of the crowd.. come on this is not or something like it. but this time i couldn’t resist:


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