Future Sound Of London in Athens , too good and true

The Future Sound of London (often abbreviated to FSOL) are a prolific British electronic music band composed of Garry Cobain and Brian Dougans. The fsolduo are often credited with pushing the boundaries of electronic music experimentation and of pioneering a new era of dance music.

Although often labelled as ambient, Cobain and Dougans usually resist being typecast into any one particular genre. Their work covers most areas of dance and electronic music such as ambient techno, drum n bass , trip hop, ambient dub, acid techno and often involves extreme experimentation; for example they have, since the turn of the millennium, experimented with psychedelic rock under their Amorphous Androgynous alias.

I think nobody will ever forget the albums ISDN , Papua New Guinea and the legendary DEAD cities. Future Sound Of London is definitely one of the holly monsters of electronic music. Acording information but unfortunately without confirmed dates yet , FSOL will visit Athens the upcoming months for the first time in Greece.. I will try to keep this post updated and announce the dates as far as I get them.

visit also the official site of FSOL


and wikipedia about FSOL


2 thoughts on “Future Sound Of London in Athens , too good and true

  1. WOW!! power leaders FSOL live in athens!! it will be a great event.. its a great opportunity for us in athens to HEAR and see FSOL for first time in greece. should be organizing events such as this one more often… peace.

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