insti2te special edition: Vibrasphere

.A friend of mine got crazy with the last compilation of Vibraspere. Somehow He started to be addicted in their sounds. After having a short discussion with him a week ago , I decide to write something more about them at the insti2te. Well .. I was searching for information about them by surfing on the web and I used one of the valid sources of information , the wikipedia 🙂 I dunno whats going on with me , Im increasingly  getting a serious freak of wikipedia 😛 , I read more than 1 hour each day stuff from there.. You could easily find information about everything. yeahhhh   … Vibrashpere come originally from Sweeden , I never was really informed about their discography nor about lives and tours  as well. One day I was in Paris then I met a friend and He was talking about them a lot,as you understand it was  a good motivation to go to the next record store and find some of their produces on progressive psy trance.

more about Vibrasphere

. They began their musical path in the mid-nineties. Rickard had a blossoming career in the very new trance scene as a member of early goa trance group Subcouds and around the same time Robert was taking his first steps in musical production on his trusty Amiga. After meeting through Rickard’s younger cousin, the pair decided to enter the studio in the summer of 1998 with the creation of Vibrasphere.

However, the constant touring life took its toll on Robert; he decided to quit the group half a year after the release of Lime Structure, their second album. Rickard continued the act, both touring and in the studio, but increasingly as his civil career took precedence, it appeared as if Vibrasphere’s days were numbered. However, in 2005 Robert decided to rejoin the group-leaving Rickard still in charge of touring duties, but his return to the studio guaranteed the sound of their new album in 2006 is a return to the source for Vibrasphere fans.

2006 saw the return of the duo, with a plethora of releases for Vibrasphere. An EP in March (the “Landmark EP”) will present the first taster of the long awaited 3rd album- “Archipelago” on MPDQX/Digital Structures. Just as every Archipelago is made up of hundreds and hundreds of islands of different sizes and shapes- their aim was to create a relevibrasphere_-_lungs_of_life-2008ase with great diversity centered around one central theme.



2 thoughts on “insti2te special edition: Vibrasphere

  1. I think that their new album ( lungs of fire ) is one of the best i have ever heard!!!!!! With a lot of new minimal sounds , great audio quality (as always) and many new ideas!!!! S**t…… love this album!!!!!!!!

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