hans unstern with band @ Antje Øklesund

On tuesday i went to the “audiovisual laboratory” Antje Øklesund to see Hans Unstern, together with a band consisting of Paula Sell, Marcello Silvio Busato, Simon Bauer and Nackt.

First the place, it’s a small backyard culture place in the Rigaer Str. in Berlin Friedrichshain. They made it really nice, with installations, but also kept the rough industrial style.

Hans Unstern is a songwriter with a pretty experimental approach. Lately he has been recording with “Nackt”, and the new songs are really incredible. When I entered the place, they were just playing their first song, inside a big white box. You could only see them via a camcorder they had inside and the image was projected on a beamer and two small TVs. Then the band joined in with nice sound layers, partly created while playing the drumset with a violin bow and similiar innovations. The rest of the set they played outside their box and Unstern only entered the box again for his solo encore. The emotions of the set where brilliantly balanced, I enjoyed that evening so much.

Just listen to the song “Paris” on his myspace to get to know his hypnotic and emotional poetic songwriting.

Hans Unstern will play again on the 25th of April, again in Berlin. In the Schokoladen, together with Jolly Goods.

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