upcoming techno events against germany

the german state (urgs) wants the german people (what the f*ck!) to celebrate this year that the GDR broke down 20 years ago and all these germans (f*ck!) were reunited in their little stupid country. and much more, like the german constitution (f*ck!). since marx’ commentary (the german ideology) and atari teenage riot’s music (deutschland has gotta die), rostock/lichtenhagen and todays revitalised german patriotism, we have 2 or 3 things against the theory and practice of the german nation. so here we recommend you some parties where no deutschland-flag swinging, kicking “foreigners” & queers and schunkeln will happen.


27th of march with mombasajoe (4augenvoegeln) andDisko DNA (Delikat/dreiD) in the Lokal (right next to U8 Rosenthaler Platz). this series was always nice, so be there.


9th of april then in Köpi also an antinationalist party event. looking forward to that, too!

further information on the myspace profiles:

Love Techno Hate Germany & Des Rues de Sucre

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