psychedelic full on 20 music suggestions by chrysoval for insti2te march-april 2009


20 psychedelic trance tracks suggested  by chrysoval , our new friend here in insti2te from Athens .. send us your comments

1.  Oforia – Instant Food (Triptych Rmx)

2.  GMS – No Rules

3.  Eat Static – Sin-Quest

4.  GMS – Black Hole

5. TRISTAN – Activate Yourself

6. ManMadeMan – The Legend (Triptych Desire Remix)

7. Manmademan – Escape

8. AMD – Morning Glory

9. KOXBOX – Inside Every Man (there’s a machine waiting to come out)

10. ETNICA – Checker Flag

11. PIXEL + CYCLIC – Nuclear Device

12. ManMadeMan – The Legend (Hallucinogen Karahana Remix)

13. ManMadeMan – The Legend (ManMadeMan William Remix)

14. ManMadeMan – The Legend (Silicon Sound Halt Prod Remix)

15. ManMadeMan – The Legend (System 7 Feeler Remix)

16. ManMadeMan – The Legend (Eat Static Motion Detector Remix)

17. ManMadeMan – The Legend (Tranan Arabian Daze Remix)

18. ManMadeMan – The Legend (Tristan Creation Myth Remix)

19. Tristan And Prometheus – Grow More Pot

20. Pleiadians – Photonic

5 thoughts on “psychedelic full on 20 music suggestions by chrysoval for insti2te march-april 2009

  1. hi there!!! i love psy-trance music & i m happy to share my preferences with u.. those tracks r spinning in my head this time so.. there u r! c u in the next spinning! peace.

  2. i’d rather cut out the 7 remixes and make it a top 10. this way it looks a bit strange to me ;). but thanks for sharing!

  3. yeah but in the other hand the idea of the 20 tracks list is about what i wanna share with the people , what Im currently listening home , what is popular on my winamp 😉 , by the way I will publish my 20 favorite music tracks this period too the upcoming week , Im looking forward for yours as well … keep it up …


  4. This top 20 is pretty cool ! This style of gerne electronica is awesome and superb.

    “Psychedelic trance or psytrance is a form of electronic music characterized by hypnotic arrangements of synthetic rhythms and mesmerizing melodies…”

    C u arround m8s ! 😉

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