trumpet + beats = ♥

yea bring on the trash… here i present you a collection of techno/electro/disco songs featuring trumpet and pipe/whistle sound…

benny benassi mix of calabria – saxo:

also listen to this strange version of that song: AFRO DYNAMIC-Saxo III

baker street techno remix also has nice trumpet sounds:

milk ink – saxy motion… with a chilling saxophone sound:

a saxophone techno remix of careless whisper. the video can cause serious eye damage…

carl craig remix of hugh masekela – the boy’s doin’ it

something harder now… ok technically these are not trumpets, but only pop synthie trumpets. but atleast it’s trashy dance music… The tamperer feat maya – feel it 2008 (pop trumpet club mix)

also a hard beat, more style and also a beautiful real trumpet… Judge Jules – Laid Bare (Trumpet Mix)

happy hardcore for you: Perplexer – Da Capo (Classic Rave Mix)

and one more happy hardcore tune from perplexer. acid folk. with scottish pipes…

one more synthie trumpet sound. i just like the style of this song… more the sound of the 00’s than the 90s that you just heard… i’d dance to that 🙂

ok this is more pop than dance music maybe… but let’s include it just for the use of brass sound and funnyness.. reminds me a bit of bronques (LNP)

more nice chilled beats with a sweet synthie trumpet sound: Nightcrawlers – Push The Feeling On

we also love M.I.A. and she had this brass song too:

ok let’s go east. saxo versus romania folk:

and finally there is a certain trash genre in balkan music on youtube… beats+folk+pics of cars+pics of model girls… they call it turbo-folk.

i think that’s more than you want to take in one load, so i’ll better finish here…hope you enjoyed our little youtube-dicso. see you tomorrow.

as always our legal statement applies (see upper right corner), we assume the uploads are from the artists themselves and the stuff has been cleared. note us if we should take down something. but remember people, it’s free promotion… 🙂

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