some stuff the next days in berlin



venetian snares at berghain, afterparty/killekill in berghain kantine (small club next to it)


vernisage at CCGallery: McGee, Tempelton and Pettibon

koepi: les rues de sucre. technoparty.


neros day at disneyland & others at the dot-club. must see live breakcore.


love techno hate germany with ://about blank djs in the lokal

also afterparty of some concert in rauchhaus (next to bethanien) with some crazy hard beats and visuals.


easter party at bar25

or party for free in the park

really interesting mood at the moment in berlin, it’s getting warm, people are cheering up, parties are totally crowded.

5 thoughts on “some stuff the next days in berlin

  1. yea.
    i will announce the relevant stuff some days before that. there will be loads of parties, street parties, gatherings and so on.

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