special Edition: Deadmau5 a new name of the electronic music avant garde

deadmau5ea5Today We are writing for one more popular producer of electronic music , DEADMAU5 , following the request of a lot of insti2te readers to continue writing about electronic music producers , djs etc. Our aim actually is mostly to articulate thoughts and ideas , giving inspiration to our new “blogger friends” to find interesting electronic artists and beyond in order to develop their knowledge and music diversity. Definitely We are not music specialists nether dogmatic about our music interests. We are trying to focus and escalate our editions on the whole electronic music scene,  not declaring a music dogma within electronic scene.

This is the main idea behind the special editions of the insti2te blog. We are also open to new contributors and friends for sending us their articles and their very own special editions in order to make it better and keep it updated every week.

Deamau5 pronounced “Dead mouse” is a more or less new progressive house producer , originally from Canada. His real name is Joel Zimmerman. I guess that a lot of you already know the big hit “not exactly” that traveled all around the globe and still rocks a lot of the Planet’s dancefloors. Not exactly remains until today a real big hit and you can hear it everywhere around. Starting afresh , others you possibly know Deadmau5 from the big Micky mouse uniforms 😛 and off course from the several digital releases as well as physical copies who came out to the record stores recently. His extensive discography includes tracks such as “Arguru” and “Not Exactly”, which have been included in compilation albums such as In Search of Sunrise 6: Ibiza, MixMag’s Tech-Trance-Electro-Madness (mixed by Deadmau5 himself), and on Armin van Buuren‘s A State of Trance radio show. His album, Random Album Title, was released electronically in September 2008 via Ultra Records in the U.S. and Ministry of Sound in the UK and Europe.

Joel Zimmerman was born in Niagara Falls, Ontario on January 5th in 1981. In 2008 he was the most-selling artist on Beatport with more than 30,000 digital downloads with his singles “Not Exactly,” “Faxing Berlin,” and “Ghosts N Stuff” . Deadmau5 got two nominations for two big electronic music awards such as the Juno Award for Dance Recording of the Year at the Juno Awards of 2008 for a track with Billy Newton-Davis and Melleefresh. Deadmau5 was named as the most influential , forward thinking artist of Beatport. In the USA counts a number of really good collaborations like with Kaskade at move for me. On his webpage and myspace one , you can check for new relaeases as well as for the next party of him. We are suggesting him definitely for a super awesome event as well as having good impressions to start listening more house music afterwards. As an epilogue ,  we are writing these lines oposing  the aspect (of some good friends) that the new names in the dance music community have not any new ideas , are not willing to step forward in order to develop the skills and the new sound  withing electronic music galaxy. Please send us your comments


and He won

Beatport Music Awards
  • 2008 Producer of the Year.
  • 2008 Best Electro House Artist.
  • 2008 Best Progressive House Artist.
  • Best Single of 2008 for “Not Exactly”.
  • Third Best Remix of 2008 for Burufunk and Carbon Community’s “Community Funk” (Deadmau5 Remix).
DJmag.com Top 100 DJs Poll
  • 2008 Highest new entry, voted 11th best DJ.

source , reffers


friends , the official page od deadmau5 http://deadmau5.com

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  1. thanks for your support and good critics 🙂 , let us know your suggestions how to improve the special editions .. cheers

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