interview with Sanga from Eutuchia music “Greece/Israel” available for download on insti2te

trance-karahanaEutuchia music was born in the dance floors , founded by experienced people of the Greek and Israeli underground trance scene , based in Greece , Eutuchia music is the first E-label in Greece with 100% Free down loadable music from their website . At my last visit in Athens I met one of the main coordinators of the label and We had a really interesting discussion that I have recorded for you about trance / rave history. Specifically  in the southern regions of Europe such as Israel , about Eutuchia and long term plans of the people are involved with the “scene” in Greece. Sanga remains one of the topest  names in the uplifting trance music in Greece and it was a real plesure to be at his own studio in Athens. Especially for the people who dont know the definition of  “uplifting” it should be interesting to listen the record bellow.  From this post I want to special thank Sanga for the interesting info which he has shared with me as well as for linking insti2te with . download the interview here

One thought on “interview with Sanga from Eutuchia music “Greece/Israel” available for download on insti2te

  1. that’s really great, i’m listening to this right now. sanga seems to be really a nice person and really good in sharing the history of greek rave.

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