Berlin: Dance in the May

party announcements by greenmojito blog .. check it out

Indoor: Thu, 30 Apr 09, 22:00h – Fri, 01 May 09, 15:00h

Live NEELIX > spintwist rec. < [click here]EPHEDRIX > dacru rec. < [click here]

LARGO > [click here]

CREATED MIND > [click here]

DJs PREACHER > bandscheiben rec. < progressiv GOASHOCK > audioastral rec.< [click here] / progressive Goa´n Trance

VATI ORGANI >audioastral rec. < live drums / minimal-progressive

spezial opening GUEST

Chill Friendsfloor mit lecker zeug und friendsSpaceBar by GANESH > MfE Berlin <
spezial herbal elexier stuff
Deco a.tomic s.pace d.esign > lightly colored athmospher <multicolor LASERSHOW by SCORPIO

visuels by NUR SHREC > tacheles performer <

Location OMGONG
TACHELES 5.OG blauer salon
oranienburger str. 54-56a
10117 berlin
Entry fee 10,- EURO
Infos We offert fresh fruits and candies for free!
There´ll be a toilette SERVICE and cloackroom Service ( 1,- euro )!
Our friendly SECURITYteam will be there for you!GARDEROBE 1,-
Organizer audioastral rec.

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