queer/electropunk/radical-left techno party weekend in berlin


so, what to do this weekend in case you don’t like the mainstream clubs/parties of berlin?


techno party at the RAW (revaler str) “Sabot-Age” – Queer Techno Berlin #14. The Deep, Rough and Big issue. At 00.30  Suspencions Performance – Berliner balerino, Jon (Un Autre Corps).
DJ/anes: Drama Nui (Kit Kat Club), Franzüss (Sabotage Bln), Leinad (KRD/Shadow Sync), Hubble (Moulton Rec). VJs: Boxikus (Sabotage/Infraktion Kore), Bildstörung.


technoparty in the Supamolly (jessner str 41): DJ Gianni Vitiello, DJ Peer Gregorius, DJ Mateng, DJane Anja Zaube and Liveact.


techno party in the Koepi (koepenicker str. 137) Liebig-34-Soliparty. “Rave is your grave?” Liebig34 goes Tekno/D&B/Hardtek with DJs Flare5, Fallout Boy, Do it, Kali_Yuga, Nicorus. VJ by Aikia and more.

or (updated! just heard about this nice party)

queer antiracist party in New Yorck 59 (part of Bethanien) with ://about blank and others (pop floor and techno floor)

or (ok not so queer/left, but at least a nice party line:)

reclaim the beats & bass station Electro/House/Breaks and HipHop/Funk/BigBeat party at Cassiopeia (revaler str 99) HANUMAN TRIB *live (Rudegirls Society), B-PHREAK (Fat!/Splank/Mainz), ASTMA (Reclaim the Beats), ARZT (Reclaim the Beats) MILLIONAER (Beatevolution), LEBOB (Beatevolution) iGADGET (MachParat). Visuals: PLASTIC PEOPLE (Hangar), Lights: ROOM DIVISION

*sunday: go to the park 🙂

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