Good to be connected – Welcome to Furthur Progressions!

I received on  my myspace the following release from London .. check this out

Furthur Progressions is a sub-label of the London based Furthur Project Recordings. It has been launched as a platform for the release of quality progressive trance in all its wonderful forms. After the success of the regular events thrown by the Furthur Project team in which London was treated to the best that the genre could offer, it seemed the logical next step to create a label. Combining the tastes, passion and knowledge of the team to create a means of releasing innovative, effective, high quality music.

Their first compilation ‘VA London Landscapes’ is being released on CD on 24th April. Featuring a hand-picked selection of the genreʼs finest talents, legends and new-comers, it is the perfect way for Furthur Progressions Records to land safely (but not quietly) in your music collection for the first time!

London myspace


Insane Creation & DJ Shybe : Deep Mac
Shadow FX : Exhale
Dick Trevor : Zuffle Shuffle
Earsugar : Mindprint
Ace Ventura : Genesis
Etic v Orgapulse : Daylight Hookers (Cimi rmx)
Liquid Soul : Perfect Day
Sentrafuge : No Words (Original mix)
Dog Soldiers : Denmark

Samples @

Visit our page for more information and competition details!


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