that night in berlin city

fancypunk wanted pics… i wasn’t really at places to take pics, but heres the report 🙂



in a dark basement of a dark squat. punks play breakbeats and one of them sits dressed in black in fron of a black cloth. then ripps of her clothes with a big kitchen knife until naked apart from some bondage. then covers the whole skin with black liquid and thus disappears again.


eathing vegan burgers outside, something got smashed, the cops are cumming part 1


cops again, close all doors, tourist adventure park outside, live punk without bassist inside.


no drinks left, going to kreuzberg


NY59, queer antiracist party, totally crowded, ://about blank play techno favorites 🙂


cuba libre is pretty cheap here

then we got ourselves wasted, left, partied on the way home…

the shitty camera of dr0fn0thing also took some pix:


2/3 of ex-anti-tankman live




the canals of our city

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