afterhour at home + berlin parties tonight


on the turntable an omlette, tomatoes in the mix with feta and a nice remix of milk: cacao.

yesterday night was totally nice, we arrived at the subversiv just as guts pie earshot started playing. this is a truely energetic live band. human drum beats to the limit and a crazy cello. the only problem was that the place was totally stuffed with people and you couldn’t avoid to have strange heavymetal-like guys screaming next to your ear and little girls dancing pogo towards your stomach. i was particularly impressed by their dead kennedys cover, you can listen to it on myspace, remember this is a cello playing…

next was RAW with the beginning of tiA‘s (://about blank) set we arrived. just the right moment again. the place was also pretty crowded and tiA struggled a bit to get into her set, but what followed where 4 hours of diverse techno and house. a really well balanced set, straight house and then on to a climax with some breaking/distorting the beats, pretty nice.

for tonight i haven’t decided yet what to recommend to you. maybe the Rosis club (at the end of revaler str, near ostkreuz), they have a little jubilee of a regular party session. this is the lineup:

MARK HENNING [ Soma Records ], SOMA LOAD live [ Live & Shrill/ A.R.M, Kassel ], ANDRÉ GARDEJA [ Freizeitglauben ], ASTMA [ Reclaim the beats ], LIEGESTUHL & BADETUCH [ Cotê d? Azur ], JACKHART [ Hier & Da ]

and nearby the Gedärm is playing at lovelite:


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