roundup berlin party recommendations around mayday 1st of may

throwing together some party recommendations around the 1st of may in berlin, different styles….


30th of arpril (thursday)

bar25 season opening somewhen between 22 and 24 o’clock

for those who look for the annual getting smashed in your face by cop fists, just go to the punk concerts on boxhagener platz (middle of friedrichshain, just follow the noise)

big la chusma party in RAW temple: balkan and latin beats party, kind of classic.

also next to RAW, in the cassiopeia is a big and nice techno party, and also on the same adress another big techno

party (click on the pics for infos):


1st of may

bar25 the whole day

also various techno open airs, just keep your eyes and ears open or mail us one day before…

in the morning the shitfaces of NPD (the german extremist right party) want to host something in köpenick and you are invited to go there and meet at 10 in the morning at the S-bahn station köpenick to stop them.

then there are different demonstrations, since it’s the first of may… for example the mayday parade against precarity at 13:30 bebelplatz/unter den linden.

and at 18 o’clock  is the classical autonomous demonstration in kreuzberg:


at night there is a party in horst kreuzberg:


2nd of may:

Brockdorff Klang Labor playing in Lokal (near Rosenthaler Platz), afterwards tiA from ://about blank playing, don’t miss that one!

and on 2nd and 3rd of may around ostkreuz something new is opening….

4 thoughts on “roundup berlin party recommendations around mayday 1st of may

  1. Hi,

    is there any chance of actually getting into Bar25? Half of the people should have clubcards and the other half are friends of them? But you are right..there should be plenty of OpenAirs …

    thanks for the tips with the punk concerts 🙂

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