Mz Sunday Luv Band Project: Mz Sunday Luv and the Piano Folie

pianofolieHere’s some updates on a band project from Mz Sunday Luv:
SI: hey sunday, just saw your collaboration with piano folie. can you tell us a bit about this project?

MzS: the piano folie is one of my bands, its just me and leonie pernet. mittelbach made a remix of one of our songs.

SI: can we see you together live, or was it more a one time collaboration?

MzS: we do perform live but its a new band, so we are focusing on production for now, and when the releases come out we plan on touring

SI: any news about the EP release?
MzS: the ep is coming out on apparition and the remix is out on documenti sonori

SI: Ok, see you in bar25 on 1st of may maybe… since it’s opening it will be overcrowded fast i believe…
MzS: you wont miss me just look for flames 😉

Mz Sunday Luv on Myspace
Mz Sunday Luv & Piano Folie on Myspace
Sunday is having a performance in the bar25 on the 1st of may.

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