Athens: Legalize it! Festival


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  2. Void Network
    (Theory, Utopia, Empathy, Ephemeral Arts)

    Legalize it Athens Festival 2009
    it was more than good, it was a perfect moment of our life!…
    5000 people came in Friday and more than 10000 people in Saturday to demonstrate with their smiles and their happiness that the laws and the state politics about drugs have to change…
    Heroin, Cocaine, Pills and all drug-culture stupidity has to go away from the undergound culture…The addicted people have to do not go to prisons but in hospitals…Doctors and poets, musicians, writers, scientists, monks and friends, lovers, commrades and neighbours have to take care of all ill people from addictive drugs, not policemen, judges or prison investores…
    The so called, “War against Drugs” (designed from U.S.A. and obliged to almost all governements of this planet) had much worst effects to our societies than the other classical failure of U.S.A…..the amazing idea to make alchool illegal(!!!)
    The 5th Athens Legalize it Festival, following the Global Marijuana March movement, together with more than 200 different cities celebrated the freedom of self-expression, the freedom to take care of yourself, the freedom to have the knowledge and the compassion to take care and help the people that have problem, the people that need and ask for your help…
    This festival celebrated the personal and social Autonomy and the Liberation of Public Space, celebrated the moment that all of us, all these thousands of people Legalize Marijuana!, without expecting the laws to change…
    We Legalized Marijuana in Athens this weekend!
    and we gave all our efforts to eliminate the spreaded and well rooted ignorance about the social problem of addictive drug substances like cocaine, heroine, sleeping pills and many other commercial pharmacephticals and mafia products…
    We did this through our 25000 pamphlets, the 4000 posters, the open public dialogues, the concerts, the celebrations, the demonstrations but more than anything else, we changed the laws and liberate ourselves from ignorance through participation of all of us in the public life, through meetings, talks and collective moments, through our time of care, of help, of communication, our days of creativity, love and collective joy!…
    In a world that is leaded to destruction by its leaders, the only way to escape from self-destruction is the destruction of the system!…
    and this is what we tryed to do this week…
    To destroy the ignorance, to destroy alienation, to destroy individualism, to destroy the roots of this catastrophic system and eliminate its limits, laws and delusions from inside our hearts…And that’s why now we are much more ready to participate to the elimination of ignorance and stupidity from the streets of our city…You can call it elitism, racism, fascism, sexism, cynicism, post-modernism or just individualism, you can call it conservativism, homo-phobia, drug-phobia, immigrant-phobia, or just wrong and dangerous believes,…but we have to fight back against all of them…and now, all of us,… we are ready to fight back!

    Void Network
    (Theory, Utopia, Empathy, Ephemeral Arts)
    global movement info:
    Void Optical Art Lab / videos from events:

  3. hey People of the voidnetwork .. thanks for your comment .. greetings to all of you especially crystal zero and raman .. cheers

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