Germany Fusion 25-28 of June 2009 Announcement !!!

UPDATE: the festival is over, click here for our report

One of the Biggest Festival in Germany is coming this year as well soon. The tickets are already sold out (pro sale) but you can find yours (If you dont have it already at the entrance. Fusion is seriously one of the best events I ever been .. I copy/paste the festival announcement for this year , with a hope to see you there.. please send us your comments about Fusion , let us know your opinion..


Fusion 2009 is comming! The Presale is over! Don’t blame us! But it’s happened! All 19.000 presale tickets available have been sold out. As early as Easter, can you believe it!? What now? Don’t fret, there’ll still be tickets available on the day, at the gate, just means you have to pay the full whack of EUR 55.00 (+ EUR 5.00 waste deposit). But as we don’t want to deprive you of the bliss one is said to experience when the postman rings twice and brings the tickets to your door, we have decided to sell the at-the-gate-tickets in advance. But you will only be able to buy those online, and on our website. Thus we make sure that all those possessing an inherent fear of coming too late will be able to continue to sleep soundly. There is no need to be afraid, though, you are still safe this year: the number of tickets at the gate will be unlimited. In 2010 we may well have reached the point where we can only sell a limited amount of presale tickets and have to cancel the ticket sale at the gate all together. Who would have thought that it would come to this … There is still one option open to all enthusiasts to experience the Fusion at a discount! If you want to support the Festival with some hands-on work at any of the hotspots of the festival, you can contact us on For a six-hour shift that you have worked we will refund you EUR 30.00 of your entrance fee. Shifts have already started to be given out. Last year our “Arbeitsamt” (employment agency) gave out more than 2.200 shifts, but still, many such enthusiasts were still badly needed on Sunday and Monday. As to the booking ? all we want to say: ?it’s up and running?. Apart from that, preparations for the upcoming Fusion are in full flow. What applies is ?the art of understatement?, meaning that, as far as this lies in our hands, there won’t be any propaganda other than what’s imparted to you on our website and what’s passed on by word of mouth. Parts of the programme won’t be published till June, and the complete lineup will only be available at the festival, printed in the festival guide. Apart from that, nothing good is to be told of the Fusion 2009: programme completely boring and crap, weather really crap too, underground atmosphere, place full of idiots, far too many people and all really high, but no pot to smoke, beer even more expensive, schnapps and meat not allowed, fucked up nerds everywhere, no fun anywhere, all of them Nazis anyway … well, Fusion as you know it! Are there any news? The news for 2009 are, that we are forced to charge a ?car fee? of 10,- EUR per car driving onto the camping site due to the increasing traffic, dust and mud in the recent years. Apart from that, the camping space is limited and we have nearly reached this limit. So a certain regulation of the situation is necessary. We aim at: * reducing the traffic on the camping site drastically * using the existing spaces in a more efficient and economic way * making room for additional rescue services * free car parks with the possibility of permanent access and departure * a general reduction of vehicles * supporting ride sharing and using public transport We are sorry to say that experience taught us that regulations like these only work when they cost money. So whoever wants to prevent further costs, should * come with public transport or share a ride * equip him/herself with sufficient supplies beforehand, come in and let the car inside * use the shuttle busses if needed for swimming or shopping * park one car of your friends-car-pool on the free car park for shopping etc. * park the car on the free car park and camp on a nearby camping space For you, this means only a slight restriction of your liberties, but for us it means an important reduction of our problems. In the coming year, we will also introduce an additional camping site attendance to have a better supervision of what is going on there and to minimize unlovely happenings. So there will be several info-help points where you can ask for help and advice. Of course, this cannot replace your taking care of each other. More space for all! For the first time, we will attach a space outside the airfield to the festival. We have bought a meadow right beside the festival-area, and as this space is surrounded by canals on three sides, it will be called ?Island? in future. Here, a new and calm space will develop which should only be visited if you feel fit for the island. Besides others, a French circus-group will be our guests there and give performances of theatre, cabaret music etc. The island will be connected to the festival through a short footpath and a bridge. The children space will move! As this space should be quieter and calmer we decided to move the children space and family camping zone to this island. Thus, the children space would be farther away from the festival area and would meet the requirements of a reasonable child care better. There will be camping sites near the children space (which also will cost 10,- EUR car fee and which can only be reached if you possess a valid ticket for all adults and children older than 12 years). The cultural programme will be fit for children, but as always: the children space is no place for people who just dump their children there without taking care of them themselves. So if you are not willing to organize an adequate child care on your own, please don?t come with your kids!

the official website of the festival

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