that’s a bit cheap no?


young pop-communist pro-zionist rave combo seems to be the new thing to be. i see dozens of bands popping up on myspace, just some friends from somewhere pushing random stuff on their keyboard and giving the thing a weird groove through cheap bass.. think about how much support you give to israel through shitty music… problem is, a song doesn’t get polical through your shortening of complex issues to strange texts or beats. do you really think people will rave to that?

A: i wrote a text about antisemitism – B: yea? i prefer a baseball bat still remains the most significant quote in and against this context. your banal but higly stylized (both audio and visual appearance) band projects will remain completly irrelevant until you find more adequate forms to bring through your content or go back to rehearsing until you come up with something we can listen to. all these continued celebrations of rather simple teenage identity shemes was criticised by one former chief thinker of the antideutsch movement justus wertmüller here.

two random examples of so many combos…

pff peng pow self declared “techno with attitude”. this formulation alone makes me wonder what these people consider as the non-attitude techno, the whole historic rave scene?

or electro armee fraktion “political” electro rap with no groove at all. self description: indie-tech-rap-tronic. i mean having low-tech equipment can be a charming style, but these kids really seem to fight against their equipment, instead of with it. i don’t even think that they are antideutsch, they are more just retro-radical-left, maybe even young anti-imperialists.

it’s a bit unfair to drop also a good name in this context, but the new songs of classless kulla show that it also is possible different: some well-produced collaboration with bam bam babylon bajasch (an anti-racist and anti-homophobic reggaeraggadancebreakcore combo). he is known also as a communist and antideutsch musician, but this time eligible. maybe i will write a seperate entry about this berlin communist breakcore instance soon, to give him proper attention. listen to prisch tursch and some other songs on his myspace.

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