Alechemy Records new release !!

Dear Alchemy Records enthusiast!

The first digital release from electronic wizard Rinkadink is now available! Featuring four superb tracks showcasing the crazy, energetic and twisted sounds he is famous for, Rinkadink’s latest offerings cannot be missed!


.:Rinkadink SSD EP:.

Tekno Simstim
2. Move Your Party (ft.
Highlight Tribe)
Fundamental Game
4. Kookamunga (ft.
Broken Toy)

Available for download from

Click here

If you are in the area don’t miss out on Alchemy Records next event – Digital Tribe @ The Scala, London… ft. Rinkadink, Dimitri, Time Healey, Shane Gobi & more! detail&eventID=496357. 83648 detail&eventID=496357.83648

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