deadmau5: i remember – rave nostalgia short film and track

deadmau5 and kaskade finally released their 10 minutes short film “i remember” online. it’s a song from deadmau5 (basically it’s the “clockwork” track) with vocals from kaskade/Haley Gibby (hat tip for this info to miguelinho from the all around the world community).  the video stars the actor stephen graham as a oldschool raver, passing on info, in the form of 10 commandments of rave, to some new guys that organise their first underground warehouse rave.

then comes commandment number 6: “reject the mainstream”, which is the intro for the fashion label that sponsors this thing…. pretty shizophrenic message here. someone once said that it’s incredible that the english rave scene had to be smashed down by cops, whereas the german rave scene did sell-out themselves. in this short, the history gets turned around a bit and sellout is put in also for Britain… in the form of wearing this new label all the time and painting the logo of it next to a deadmau5 graffiti. but anyways, apart from the agressive product placement it’s a cute video, like a tribute to illegal raves. especially the end “to be continued” and the two kids that will grow up as the next generation ravers 🙂

without further a-do, the video:

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