electro (all styles) mixer April-May 2009 insti2te selected by Fancypunk

carlos-giannis-sangaToday I publish  the tracks I selected/heard all the time  the previous month , bassically I would like to see comments , Im really curious to know which of them sounds interesting to you and which not.. My purpose is more to exchange aspects than  just posting some tracks … I would like to special thanks Patsober who allowed be to publish the picture in the feature ..

1. Claude Von Stroke – Who’s Afraid of Detroid?

2. Christian Smith and John Selway tranzit time (dubfire mix)

3. Oliver Hunterman – Discotech (original mix)

4. Christopher Norman/James Holden – A breal in the clouds/turn on the lights

5. Adriano Dodicic – Kick the Bass (original mix)

6. Antony Rother – Little computer people

7. Compuphonic & Kolombo – Emotion

8. Midimiliz – Mr. Vargas

9. Egotronic – maybe someday

10. minimalgefluster – minimaler uberschuss

11. Dj Josh Blackwellc – Minimal Damage (original mix)

12. James Monro & Dickster – Love ya!

13. Adrea Bertolini – Warp (original club mix)

14. Josh Wink – Thick as Thieves

15. Luca Baccheti – What ever

16. Andre Crom – Tomographie (spektre remix)

17. Plastikman – Blue Monday (Richie Hawtin Mix

18. Deadmau5 – faxing Berlin

19. Gabriel & Dresden/Scarlett Etienne – Eleven

20. Josh Gabriel – Crosstalk

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