dr0fn0thing 20 loved songs // may 2009 version


here’s a new list of 20 songs i like these days 🙂 (here is my first one from april, too)

Sally Doolally – Spooky Mariachi rmx Tegma
Tora Vinter – Shame
Prefuse 73 – Why I Love You
Brian Cares – The Beginning
Brian Cares – Say Say
Prosumer & Murat Tepeli – makes me wanna dance
Bondage Fairies – What you didn’t know when you hired me
Bondage Fairies – Gay Wedding (instrumental)
Console – Diagonal
Dj Shadow – Hindsight
Kabuki – Dal Mare
Hakan Lidbo – Alla Serenità
Easy Changes – Caviar
Architecture in Helsini – Feather in a Baseball Cap
Cari Lekebusch – Capsule Mentality
Deadmau5 – Reduction
Anthony Rother – Simon says

Santogold – Say Aha

One thought on “dr0fn0thing 20 loved songs // may 2009 version

  1. hey hi .. I like your list , i would like to know more about bondage fairies .. can you write more info about them ??? cheers and see you really soon

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