Report from Saturday 16/05/2009


The Good, the Bad & the Ugly (Dado, Serge & Dimitri)

Hi there!! i went to this party, the music was great.. but… the crowd was not in the mood to listen Deedrah & most of them didnt know what kind of music dado is playing as deedrah now.. he is very talented artist and he was always some steps farther. so the music was a little weird for the most of the people there. i really enjoyed this fact!! anyway, far from that, the entrance fee was too f****** expensive: 30euro + 2euro for water, 5 for beer, 10 for drink!!!!! WHY guys??? moreover, u couldnt go out of the club and come in again until 04:00(!!!!!!!!!!) and that was an ORDER from door guys… what the f***??? since when parties became like this? oohhh… i forgot. i live in greece(athens) so everything is possible.. clubs transformed to bouzoukia, if u know what i mean! anyway, from all these shit i ll keep in mind the excellent live p.a ‘s from both artists. keep the spirit up. love peace unity to everyone..

One thought on “Report from Saturday 16/05/2009

  1. yo!!!! i really like your report !!!! super awesome and i totally agree with your critisisms mate , in Greece everything is possible

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