a night in rampart by transpontine & a night in rauchhaus

rampartcheck over to transpontines blog, who wrote a feature about one night of music in the squat rampart in london. reminded me a bit of this sunday’s night in rauchhaus, a squat in berlin, where a electro-pop-punk-chanson band called Stereo Total was playing. was funny to see that all the not-so-anarcho fans of the band were comming, seeing it as a “underground gig with cheap entrence” or something like that. but it works, sitting outside with some nice people, unpolitical electrofans mixing with the left scene and getting infos where are more nice places like this.

I went there for the KNOT festival, that was also promoted here in the blog. it was nice to chill there, see the real good screenprints of arrache toi un oeil and seeing Stereo Total the first time live. they are pretty popular for some funny and sometimes cynical songs, about disco music and group sex… the food was too cliche though ;), i hate food not bombs a.k.a. Vokü that is actual stew/mulligan/hotpot (i don’t know the right english word), i mean come on…

anyways, knot festival is still on, so go there and enjoy the underground art 😉

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