Future Sound of London live in Athens questions and a roll call

A Future Sound of London event held in Athens , last weekend. For some personal reasons I didnt make it , 😦 that really makes me a bit depressed , I really wanted to attend  that event. As I can imagine , several insti2te friends finally went there , having news and positive/negative  experiences ? It would be great to share with us , every moment from that live. As I previously wrote FSOL is one of my favorite , valid  electronic music experiments , therefore I open this post for your comments , suggestions and reports .. Pleasee do that favor to us .. thanks ….and see you around

2 thoughts on “Future Sound of London live in Athens questions and a roll call

  1. it was fantastic!!!!
    the only disadvatage was that they played for one hour and 20 minutes..
    moreover, the greek organization was awful as they turned us away as they wanted to close!!!!
    which electronic festival turn down the music in greece in 2:30????

  2. I agree .. but .. just to remind you that definitely wasnt the only festival who turned away the people quite early .. as far as I remember the same happened with miss kitten some years ago as well as several other events in Greece , I totally agree , “that sucks” Special thanks for your comment , I would really appreciate if you send us some pictures to publish on the blog ..(if you took some)


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