International Noise Conspiracy live in Athens 30-5 09 Agricultural university


The (International) Noise Conspiracy is a rock band formed in Sweeden  in the late months of 1998. They will appear on the stage for a second time in Greece next saturday. They are definitely one of the most political bands of our days , combining anticapitalism with subcultures of resistance like  punk music. There is much fanfare about the band’s Marxist ideology and position as communists, a label they in fact give themselves. This year the band is invited by a extraparliamentary left group ‘s  annual festival. Maybe you know the songs capitalism stole my virginity , we are not for sale that they traveled around the world and  apparently have inspired the alter globalization and other alternative movements in the previous years. A kind of remarkable is that the band is playing mostly on political radical events around the globe such as rise against in Melbourne , lets make history in Madrid and many more other anticapitalist events and festivals. Beyond the political views of the band , their sounds  are even more interesting , probably not so interesting for techno and rave crowds , but in the other hand  everyone should have to reflect on the messages who they  are trying  to spread with their lyrics. If you are visiting Athens the next days or if you live there , it would be great to give them  a change

more info about the Band

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