MAXIMAL Italian Electronic Festival 13th of June 2009


During my party activities last Saturday luckily someone gave me a leaflet with the details from MAXIMAL Festival that is taking place in Italy this year at East end studios in Milan. Names such as Dave Clarke , MissDjAx , the ADVENT , Alex Under  and many many others.. will definitely create a super techno atmosphere , for the whole line up check here . The location is also gorgeous , remind us a lot of Berliner party locations.

Well festival’s  concept according the organizers description is the following lines

From the sounds of Detroit classical scene to the hardest beats of big German labels; among stages both sperimental and refined; in each one of six floors will be performed most of the finest techno dj set and live scene for a unique event.
46 artist will switch themself in six different factory-shaped stages, designed and developed by Takayama Katachi, a Dutch designer team who developed set and stages for the most important European festivals.

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