New kid on the blog!!

Hey all !

so…i’m new in this blog!  Have been ‘surfing’ around the islands of the dodecanese,  havent been surfing the net too much lately . On Rhodes island at the moment, will be staying here for a while.

Rhodes is deffinatly the place to be if you are seeking a beautiful place to chill out on the beach all day, and party all night! many bars, clubs, beach parties with loads of ppl partying pretty much every day, music ranging from r’n’b to rock , electro beats of all sorts. . . check it out 😉

Everyone is already in the summer mood over here, so for sure many parties and happenings will be coming up on this party frenzy island~~~ i’ll keep you posted 😉

Here’s a link for more details:

10 thoughts on “New kid on the blog!!

  1. hey purple pixie really glad to see a post from you welcome to insti2te s dynamic mate .. see you soon , drinking cocktails in the Islands …why not Rhodes as well..

  2. owow faliraki …. orfanidou and cocktails around .. I will definitely come there this year .. I will let you know soon… and what about organizing an insti2te party ?????

  3. that may be possible, need more info. who, what, when. maybe we could organise party along with a bar that usually has beach parties and arange for then! or something like that

  4. ok I think we could start a discussion process for this. You could find the contacts , we could find the djs …or something like that . I know people who really wanna spread their minimal sounds around Greek Islands this summer

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