the long berlin weekend behind us

so i bet you want to know how the long weekend was that we had here in berlin. because some interesting stuff was happening. we will do this together, since we share the same internet connection once again since fancypunk is back to berlin.

lovetechnohategermanydr0fnothing: first on friday i went to number 6 of the party series “Love techno hate germany”, because i hate nationalism (especially the german one with all it’s continuations of historical formations and ideologies) and love techno, and there i can find likeminded people to dance together :). so it was nice as usually, it’s a cheap entrence fee, you don’t have to dress up or anything since there are no bouncers to check you out, but nevertheless there are fancy people too. it’s just a nice party to rave a bit and have many cocktails with an ok price… this was the first time this weekend that i encountered DJ derdiedas (flo) and his nice sets, i saw him again saturday night at the about may. i had to get up early to pick up fancypunk at the airport, because otherwise he would get lost as usually (just joking ;))

fancypunk: Yeah shit .. I have no f***n orientation !!! and Berlin is a huge city !!!

dr0fnothing: so we were at this party in subversiv for seeing classless kulla playing and he was a bit disappointing, the sound was somehow transformed by a flanger effect, with made the breakcore sound soft and killed the speak-samples a bit. we danced a bit to the dubstep upstairs, which was nice, even though the sound system was not really strong. but they made the best out of it.

fancypunk: Dunno , Ok I didnt like the sound , but Klasses Kulla is a super great Berliner artist . I really enjoyed because it was my first Klasses Kulla live!! I find anti-german techno interesting:PPPP. The dubstep dj sets upsters  were not enough for me .. I rather  wanted  a bit more of passion :PPpPP

aboutmay30052009dr0fnothing: later we went to the “about may” party at the ostkreuz about blank garden. it was nice to hear some techno after all this drumm’n’bass stuff at subversiv. derdiedas (flo) was playing again, we loved his long set for the fact that it was really thought through, if you know what i’m trying to say: two songs were always preparing the one that was about to come after it, it had this long routes of building up emotions throughout the set. dj that was playing afterwards played a hard set in the morning, would have been more fitting for peaktime, but at least i had a massage of his bass-drumm as i was chilling on the sofa, waiting for the others for the outside area to open.

fancypunk: Oh my Gosh !!! I was dancing and dancing .. and I havent slept  for more than 24hours !! It was amazingly good location and the djs kept me alive!!

dr0fn0thing: after a breakfast we came back to hear mr ties playing in the sun that had just come up. we were a bit to fucked up to dance, like the rest of the crowd also, but it was such a nice morning set. left at 12 🙂

fancypunk: I didnt have any breakfast .. my stomach was a bit fucked up but I really enjoyed dancing at the yard.

drofnothing: so monday surprisingly the party continues… we just came back from the rave in the park with some hundred people and a dj-table hidding out in a small place between the trees that serves as a dancefloor. 50 people dancing in the little bosk, hundreds chilling in the sun. coming home we listen to online radio a bit to hear dj beatter and the others of the nice team presenting our blog. thanks people 🙂

fancypunk: Yeahhh It reminded me how free and easy to make a party in Berlin is .. Partying , drinking  ,laying down and definitely  enjoying the summer  sun instead staying on the computer , good decission …

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