Rodos EcoFilms festival ’09

eco film festival '09

EcoFilms festival, is an international film and visual arts festival which has been taking place on Rhodes island since 2004.   Organised by the “Image & Environment” organisation Ecofilms and the cultural organsation of the municipality of Rhodes, it takes place every June at the Rodon cinema theatre in Rhodes town. This year it will be taking place from the 23rd until the 28th of June, with screenings of over 78 short and medium films, documentaries, and features with environmental and ecology themes,  encouraging conservation issues and issues related with the natural, the human and the built environment.

Prizes will be awarded to the films for their innovative approach in conservation issues for their daring proposal in subject matter and their artistic qualities overall.

Deffinetly worth attending! Plus,  there is no entrance fee! 🙂

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