Thessaloniki: Reworks Festival 18th-19th September 2009

reworksReworks is the first ever complete audio-visual art festival in the north of Greece, which has been taking place for the past 4 years under the inspiration, initialization  and artistic supervision of NON collective.

From its initial steps, Reworks has set as its main purpose the enhancement of the  unbreakable relationship between music and contemporary art and has offered a stable platform to host and demonstrate new ideas, musical trends, artifacts and talented artists of the domestic and international scene.

Reworks 2009

The 5th edition of Reworks Festival will take place this year on September 18th and 19th in 2009 at the Vilka Complex in the heart of the subcapital of Greece, Thessaloniki.

Reworks aims to present this year whatever fresh and new from artists that marked 2009 with their works while paying tribute to music legends that influenced electronic music like no others always accompanied by the most promising Hellenic live acts and DJ’s.  Techno, house, Electro, disco, funk, soul, freestyle, trip hop, hip hop, ambient, IDM, abstract electronica will be presented through live and dj sessions combined with installations, exhibitions and visual works. Ηere we are then.

* people from insti2te will join the Festival and report for you! If you re planning to join as well and wanna meet us please send us a message

the first artist names that are announced already are

Sven Vath (Cocoon, Germany)

Objektivity Showcase with:

Dennis Ferrer (USA)

The Martinez Brothers (USA)

Argy (Greece)

Parov Stelar & Band (Etage Noir, Austia)

DJ Mehdi ( Ed Banger, France )

Deadelus (Ninja Tune,USA)

Beardyman (!K7, UK)

Paul Kalkbrenner (Bpitch Control, Germany)

Shlomi Aber (Be As One, Israel)

Heidi ( BBC Radio 1, Canada )

Actor One ( Bloop, Greece )

Cayetano Soundsystem ( Etage Noir, Greece)

NTEIBINT ( Warp, Greece ) ( Mobilee, Greece )


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