Szczecin, Poland: Sea Days Festival 12th-14th of June 2009.

Cuahtemoc mast and yacht yards

10 on the Beaufort Scale – under this subtitle, the Sea Days Festival was held in Northern Poland last weekend.

There is certainly a lot going on in Szczecin this summer. If you happen to be here, you can check out the city’s upcoming events, such as alternative street Performance Intermedia Festival (theaters) or Szczecin Rock Festival.

Every year hundreds of Szczecin residents and guests lively celebrate the Days of the Sea. At this time, in the capital of northwestern Poland the only thing that counts is whatever is unlimited and free: beautiful yacht sightseeing, space, the pulsating energy and the dedicated fans, who, year by year, come from all corners of the world! The event always takes place on the Chrobry Embankments and Łasztownia island in the city center.

Within the festival days, you can get on board of on the largest yachts and sailing ships in the world and Polish naval ships; try free cruises on Old-timers, see the units parade on the Odra and crews parade along the streets of the city.
What concerts we could enjoy?  Sea shanty music, folk, country and the Szczecin Philharmonic Orchestra playing sea-film soundtracks (yes the Titanic theme was played too!); feasts and plays onboard sailing ships (pirats certainly chose Mr. Jack as their favourite drink 😉 ), marine workshops and open-air performances for children and young people.

Right after the sunset on Saturday evening the participants experienced a genuine maritime battle, which took place at dusk on the Odra River! After the battle, the winners were honoured with impressive fireworks. Seen them myself!

The next big event will be as soon as 24th of July 2009. The Szczecin Rock Festival will include such guests as Limp Bizkit, Chris Cornell and Kaiser Chiefs, but that is a story for another entry soon.

We invite you to Szczecin!

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