Insti2te this month’s special edition : Photek

Photek_logoPhotek is Ruper Parkes born in 1972 in England. A Los Angeles based dj and producer , joined the drum n bass scene from the early beginning around 1992 , exactly the same time who released his first work in collaboration with Lexis. Photek is still one of the most respected artists in the drum n bass scene , became also popular on the mainstream with the popular remix  for Animatrix in the middle of the 90s. Photek has his own label , the photek productions check at the insti2te’s drum n bass links.

My first touch with his work was in 1996 the year when Metalheadz released the legendary compilation platinum breakz. Afterwards  a friend of mine  traveled to Amsterdam and I got as a present his recently released album modus operandi when He arrived back. Modus Operandi is also one of my favorite works from Photek , the combination of breaks and dark style is rather a good combination acoustically.

Actually Modus Operandi remains a good reference to the atmospheric style of the middle of the 90s.  Except the Modus Operandi , Photek has released several albums ,with the same interest and good production level. His second album named Form and Fuction was relased from Virgin (as Modus Operandi) in 1998. The third album was also released at Virgin under the title Solaris in 2000. Nine years after his Album Form and Fuction in 1998 , He  released the Form and Fuction vol 2 but this time at Sanctuary (2007). All  of these years He also released a diversity of sigles EPs such as the hidden camera (awesome) in 1996 (virgin) , a year before that the natural born killa (Metalheadz) and many many other EPs . You could check bellow..  source wikipedia



Singles and EPs (incomplete)

  • “Natural Born Killa” (1995, Metalheadz)
  • “The Seven Samurai/Complex” (1995, Photek)
  • “T’raenon” (1996, Op-ART)
  • “The Hidden Camera” (1996, Virgin) UK #39
  • “The Third Sequence/Titan” (1996, Virgin)
  • Ni-Ten-Ichi-Ryu (Two Swords Techniques)” (1997, Virgin) UK #37
  • Risc vs. Reward,” issued in the US only (1997, Virgin)
  • “Modus Operandi” (1998, Virgin) UK #66
  • “Terminus” (2000, Virgin)
  • “Mine to Give” feat. Robert Owens (2001, Virgin) U.S. Dance #1, UK #44
  • “MDZ.04 Album Sampler” (2004, Metalheadz)
  • “Rinsa” (2005, Photek Productions)
  • “Quaman” (2005, Photek Productions)
  • “Love & War” (2007, Sanctuary)

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